The cover of the novel

A new novel written by a Dominican is now on sale.

Named ‘Taming a Hurricane’ and written by Paula A. John, the novel is set in Dominica with brief excursions to Malta and the United Kingdom.

According to online book-selling giant,, the novel “tells the story of a strong, sophisticated woman who returns to her native country to confront the man who abused her as a child. However, nothing goes to plan: an unexpected hurricane leaves her stranded on the island and, once again, she falls victim to the man she loathes. Steeped in local tradition and teeming with authentic island stories, ‘Taming A Hurricane’ is more than a piece of literary entertainment: It is a window through which we observe tortured characters wading through life’s vicissitudes searching for peace. Some never find it.”

In the novel John used village life in the late 60s – early 70s to “provide an endless supply of adventure and stories which serve as a backdrop for much of her book,” according to

John has a degree in French and taught at one of the secondary schools in Dominica before emigrating to Britain in 1994, where she trained as a nurse. Now in her mid-forties, she has just completed an MA in Linguistics at the University of Manchester.

‘Taming a Hurricane’ is John’s first book and can be ordered from

It was published on December 30, 2011.