A scene from Carnival 2015 in Roseau

A scene from Carnival 2015 in Roseau

It appears that for the second year running, officials at the Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) will have to share the road March title.

That was the case in 2014 when, according to the DCA, there was no clear cut winner and “Tomato Burst” by Wok SUk and “Murderer” by Omee had to share the title.

One week after the 2015 carnival activities have ended, the DCA is yet to announce the Road March winner.

According to a top official of the DCA, “we are expected to meet tonight to have a discussion and determination on the matter…but it is just not clear cut.”

According to the official, from the tabulations received it appears that Lugurz with his song “de Lugurz back again” and “Pastor Bull” by Val ‘De Bull’ Cuffy are the front runners for the title.

“It is difficult, Pastor Bull, de Lugurz back and Speaker by Comforter and to a lesser extent Dice with Proverbs dominated the road on the two days and also in Mahaut, Grand Bay, Portsmouth and elsewhere,” the official said. “So we just don’t have a clear cut winner for the Road March 2015.”

He also took a jab at the local bands who he said played “a lot of foreign music” and “Bouyon” insead of the traditional calypsos, during the two days of street jump up.

“That did not help the situation at all and so like last year where we were forced to spread the bread, it appears that we will have to do the same with Pastor Bull and Lugurz in 2015,” the official said.