Aaron said Showdown Mas Camp has been plagued by financial constraints

Organizers of the calypso tent, Show Down Mas Camp, say serious financial constraints is the main reason behind them not staging the tent in 2018.

The Show Down Mas Camp has been a regular feature of calypso tents over the years leading up to the calypso finals.

“We will not be having a regular Mas Camp for 2018 due to financial reasons … we don’t have the financial resources to host one this year,” Pat Aaron director of the Camp told DNO in an interview.

He said a series of roadside events will be held instead.

“What we have decided to do is to do a series of roadside events for the general public,” Aaron explained. “The calypsonians, when their songs are recorded, will bring it to the roadside for the people. We will ask for a donation so as to support the artist.”

Aaron denied possible suggestions that the passage of Hurricane Maria is the reason behind the decision to scrap the show this year.

“Last year was a bad one for us financially…Hurricane Maria has nothing to do with our decision. Truthfully, from the time we were put out of Harlem Plaza and built the structure at the ground of the Public Service Union (PSU), we never recovered from that. Since then, we have been struggling to maintain over the past three/four years and we have now reached the point where we had to take a decision based on what we have,” he said.

The tent, he explained has helped Mas Camp artistes to showcase their talent and that is the main reason for hosting it.

Aaron refused to be drawn into conclusions that the absence of “Mas Camp” will have an impact on artistes like Dice and Bobb.

“They are experienced and seasoned artistes…I am not seeing this having any serious or negative impact on them,” Aaron said.

Asked to comment on the 2018 calypsos, the veteran songwriter said, “I have not heard many songs besides Jay Dee. I will be more in a position to comment after the quarterfinals.”

Quizzed about what fans can expect from Dice who he has been writing for, for many years, Aaron said, “wait till Saturday at the quarterfinals, I will not let the cat out of the bag.”