A competitor at last year's eliminations

A competitor at last year’s eliminations

The Harlem Plaza is the place to be this Saturday, December 5 when over 60 competitors will take to the state to battle it off in the Calypso Eliminations, the first show to start the 2016 Calypso season.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Dominica Calypso Association, Davidson “Observer” Victor told Dominica News Online (DNO) on Wednesday that all competitions for the season will be held early since Carnival 2016 is at an earlier date.

“We are starting earlier this year because Carnival is earlier, so we are trying to get the eliminations out of the way…,” he said. “The quarter-finals will be on the 9th of January, so we will not have much time if we don’t get it out now.”

Victor said each competitor is expected to sing two verses and two choruses of their composition and “then you get off the stage.”

He explained that during the show the judges will be looking at lyrics and melody only, unlike past eliminations where competitors were judged on lyrics, melody, presentation and rendition.

He further stated that there are quite a few newcomers on the scene and some veterans who are “making a comeback.”

“We have the ‘Sye’ who is making a comeback, he did not perform last year,” Victor said. “We have also the Webb who took a year off and he is coming back. We have ‘De Leandra,’ she has been one of the female competitors who have made the finals on a few occasions, she has not been taking part for the past couple of years, but she is back.”

Victor continued, “We have the Soul Puss, who is a finalist for a couple of years. We have Beno, he is one of our new stars in calypso … he fell at the quarter-finals last season so he is taking part in the eliminations this year.”

He explained that another veteran in Calypso, Cecil “Checker” Burnette, who have been in the business since the 1980’s, will be taking part in the event.

“That’s the first time ever he is taking part in the eliminations since he started singing Calypso,” Victor said.

Another veteran, “Haxey” will also be taking part in the eliminations round.

“It’s going to be a good show, it’s going to be really interesting,” Victor noted.

The event will begin from 8:00 pm and the price is $10.