Dr. Valda Henry (centre)

Showdown Mas Camp continues this evening at its new venue, Five Star Grill and Bar in Jimmit from 9 pm.

The show was previously held at the Old Mill Cultural Centre but had to be relocated because of renovation work being undertaken at the Old Mill due the damage caused by Hurricane Maria.

Chairperson of showdown Mas Camp, Dr. Valda Henry, said by next year the Old Mill Cultural Centre should be  available once more for the Mas Camp.

“Hopefully the Old Mill Cultural Centre should be completed and there should be no difficulties if we book early. I think most of us share that view; old mill is really just the perfect venue for us. And by then, the aim and hope is that the venue will be ready by the bend of May and if it is ready, it will be ready long in advance of the carnival season and who knows maybe we could have an off season at the Old Mill.”

She continued, “We are happy to report that the show down Mas Camp will take place this evening at the Five star grill and Bar. The fee for tonight is $20 at the gate. There won’t be a VIP stand but next week we’ll have that organised.”

She urged calypso lovers as well as non-calypso lovers to come and give their support.

“We are inviting all our patrons, calypso and non-calypso lovers, all persons interested in supporting the mass camp, our calypsonians and the art form, to come in large numbers and continue to show us love,” Henry said. “I know we have a packed show waiting for you. The band members are excited and cannot wait to be there. They have had such a fantastic week of practice so they are ready to give you a treat.”

She added that for people who may have difficulty with transportation, shuttle buses will be made available from VF Inc’s office on Cork Street to Jimmit from 7:30pm to 9pm.

Dr. Henry also revealed that Mas Camp will be at the Bolo Bar in Pointe Michel on Saturday.