Sixth Form Sisserou Singers in action during “Voices’ presentation

The Sixth Form Sisserou Singers seemed to have lived up to the name of their fifteenth annual production by making their “Voices” heard at the Arawak House of Culture on Friday night

It was an entertaining and head bobbing concert by the twenty-strong group of singers and musicians which, based on audience reaction, could be described as a success.

“Voices” featured an array of hit songs both past and present. The audience was moved with a brilliant rendition of “Many Rains Ago (Oluwa) and kept entertained with the song “Wake Up” by local artist Nelly Stharre who appeared on stage with the choir. Other crowd favourites included “Conga Rhtym” and “Zombie Jamborie”

The group’s PRO Leandra Lander described the night as a “really amazing one” and explained that this production was a significant one since it was the group’s 18th birthday and its 15th production. She commended the new members of the group on a job well done and thanked “Aunty” Pearle Christian, the director of the group, for her “hard work and dedication to the choir and for allowing young people the opportunity to come together to sing and make a positive contribution to the development of Dominica.”

The harmonious voices of the SFSS came alive in the Caribbean Folk section arranged and scripted by Pearle Christian and titled “The Yellow Sensay.” The story was set in the community of Grand Bay and told a tale of love and tragedy. This story also evoked memories in the older members of the audience, of the 1963 Carnival fire. This segment was truly a crowd pleaser as the choir paid tribute to our local carnival calypsos such as “Mas in de Cemetery” and the infamous “Take me back”.

And the reaction of “Aunty” Pearle, the driving force behind the Sixth Form Sisserou Singers after the first of three consecutive nightly stagings of the production? – a generally good show, she says, because “the general mission to please the crowd was accomplished”

A regular feature of SFSS productions is the honoring of an individual who has significantly contributed to the development of music in Dominica. The recipient of this year’s award was Carmel Agar, a former singing teacher of the St. Martin School and Convent High School.

Another interesting feature of  “Voices” was the live webcast of the event, the first in a series of such web casts called the AFRICA LIVE!HD series and produced by African Image Media and the Black Chick Group and Media House.

The live webcast began with a Green Carpet Preshow which included interviews with some of the dignitaries and celebrities attending the concert.

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