Skinny Fabulous, Krishner “Dada” Lawrence

The newly released song collaboration by Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and Skinny Fabulous produced by Dominican Krishna Lawrence, known as “Dada”, has raised questions as to which genre of music should be credited because of the different backgrounds of the artistes and producer.

Skinny Fabulous has attempted, in an interview, to put an end to the controversy.

“If you listen to any Dominican podcast or chat group right now, their biggest beat up is that they are not being credited that it is bouyon and not necessarily soca,” the Vincentian musician, singer and songwriter noted. “Many are voicing their opinion saying that the producer should receive more credit for the song because the beat is bouyon and the artistes are Trinidadian and Vincentians.”

Skinny also pointed out that because the artistes “are leaning on the strength and production value of a Dominican,” people are calling out the song to be that of bouyon music. He said the producer Dada was fighting for the term Bouyon Soca.

“At one point in time I didn’t pay the significance that it oughta have been paid. It doesn’t matter if is soca or if is djaab, I was the one to fight for the simplicity of a label like soca and where it come from. In hindsight, I am seeing that the Dominicans, they would have been a little more proud to get the recognition. So I’m taking the opportunity now to big up Dada from Dominica for kinda highlighting the bouyon influence, so we have to give the Dominicans their props and Dada for maintaining that little voodoo that you hear on the radio and think why I like the song so bad, that is something that is unique to bouyon music and its something that everybody should embrace.”

Soca is already a very popular beat in the Caribbean which is gaining strong traction internationally and more collaborations based on the fusion of the two genres, can only augur well for the exposure and popularity of bouyon regionally, and around the world while staying true to its own distinctive style.


Full Interview below