The St. Mary’s Primary School (SMP) recently held two days of activities to bring Christmas cheer to staff and students.

The events, a Christmas Extravaganza and the other performances by the Government Music Lovers’ Band took place on Tuesday 15th and Wednesday 16th December 2015, on the grounds of the school.

President of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA) at SMP, Wadsworth Charles, told Dominica News Online that the initiative was undertaken by staff, parents and the PTA of the school.

The highlights of the Christmas extravaganza included Christmas tree lighting, presentation of songs, poems and skits by all classes and some special students received gifts.

It came to a close with a singing presentation by the teachers entitled “A Ray of Hope”.

The other event, by the Music Lovers’ Band, saw staff and students coming together to sing Christmas carols.

“These two events were first-time events for the school where the boys displayed their creativity, their skills and their talents,” Charles said.

He explained that the events were organized because of the recent passage of Tropical Storm Erika, which is still fresh in the minds of a lot of people, and the cancellation of many Independence activities.

“We wanted to bring this whole Christmas cheer and have these events that you didn’t have to pay and send the students off to their vacation with something special in their hearts,” he remarked.