Lady V and Sye

The Dominica Calypso Association (DCA) has said that there was no dominant calypso during the two days of Carnival street jump up and hence there is a tie for Road March title between Lady V and Sye.

The Road March title normally goes to the calypsonian whose song is played the most on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

PRO for the association Davidson “Observer” Victor explained that although Lady V’s song, The Spirit, dominated the calypso season from the beginning, Sye’s Cartoon Cabinet caught up with her on both days of the street jump up and it was only fair to declare a tie.

“We took everything into consideration and we felt that in all fairness, we said the most reasonable decision was to tie the Road March between the both,” he said.

Earlier in the week reports surfaced that Sye, whose name is Murphy Jno Jules, was declared winner of the Road March title and many took to social media to declare their displeasure. However, the DCA remained quiet on the matter and did not issue a formal report on the winner.

Even well-known calypso enthusiast and MC, Alex Bruno, waded into the matter. In a Facebook post on March 5, he questioned the wait for announcing the winner of the Road March. He made it clear that he believes Lady V, whose real name is Vernice Joseph, should win the title.

“If not Lady V, who?” he asked. “Why the wait? Why has ‘Lady V’ not been announced as Dominica’s 2017 Road March Monarch? Let me know if there is something I should know because, though NEW Calypsos did not enjoy prevalence during the street jump-up (In Roseau), Lady V certainly played more than any other…her song, ‘De Spirit,’ also provided the Road March spirit throughout the carnival season. Let’s crown Lady V now and fix the issues with monitoring Road March and managing we Kanaval later.”

On Wednesday, although Victor agreed that Lady V’s song dominated the season, he stated Sye did catch up with her on the two days of street jump up and there were many things the DCA had to contend with when declaring a winner.

“We had a lot to contend with because the first we thing we had to contend with is that we did not have a dominant song on the road because calypso from all reports did not play very much,” he stated. “However being the responsible association that we are and we know that there is a prize for the Road March, we did not want to just let the year go without having to announce a Road March…”

He added, “We still believe that, not withstanding, calypso did not play a lot but we still had songs that did play … for example Lady V’s song dominated the season from the beginning but in terms of on the road where the Road March is being counted, the songs that have been played on the road for the Monday and the Tuesday, Sye ended up coming to meet with her…”

Victor stated from all reports and views that since no song dominated the road, the DCA “have to take the views from the public, from all angles and from all angles the two people seem to be coming up in contention.”