I have been gay since I knew myself. I met my boyfriend during my high school days at (name of high school withheld) and things have been very good in terms of everything.

Until recently. This guy move to town from the country with his family. He met my boyfriend in the Roseau Market and from there they kind of ‘hit it.’ My boyfriend calls and texts him a lot. He goes over to the guy’s house and although I go along, I just don’t like it.

What I find strange, is that I don’t think the guy is gay because if he was, I am sure he would have try to make a move on me (I am very attractive and irresistible Bella), so why is my boyfriend into him?

This is causing me many sleepless nights and I am on the verge of exploding. All I want to do is to tell him is to leave my boyfriend alone.

Gay to d Bone

Dear Gay to d Bone,

When reading through your email the only thing that keeps going through my mind is insecurity. You don’t feel comfortable in the relationship with your boyfriend and and anyone who gets close to him appears to be a threat to you.

If the guy is not gay as you mentioned, then why are you so worried?

Your boyfriend, like all of us, need friends in his life and you cannot have him limited to only gay friends.

In my mind the guy you are talking about is no threat to your relationship and it is up to you to realize that and get over your insecurities.


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