Scene on Carnival Tuesday

Scene on Carnival Tuesday

Three Calypsonians will be sharing the Road March title this year because it appears no one Calypso dominated play at the two days of Carnival street jump up.

The title will be shared by Young Bull for “Pastor Bull,” Comforter for “De Speaker” and Lugurz for “de Lugurz back again.”

The Dominica Calypso Association met on Monday night to determine the winners.

“This is one of the years that we did not really have a clear Road March,” DCA PRO, Davidson ‘Observer’ Victor, told state-owned DBS Radio on Tuesday morning. “We had a number of songs that played a couple of times, we had a lot of songs that could have made it to the Road March but unfortunately no song really dominated …”

He said of all reports, the three songs kept coming up.

Observer said it was “rather unfortunate” that one Calypso did not grab the prize all by itself.

“We had very good songs this year but they were not played…” he said.

It appears the playing of “foreign songs” and old Calypsos had an impact on choosing the Road March.

“We have songs to play and we keep on playing foreign songs and even the long time Calypsos,” Observer stated. “We have fresh songs that can contest for the Road March, yet we hearing songs of 30 years ago playing more than the songs that we have now.”