triple kayLocal band Triple Kay has released a new Compa single which manager Emile De Pooter says is a response to fans who have been asking for ‘the authentic Triple Kay.’

“If you go back to the album ‘Fanatik’, those are the types of songs the band used to play,” he told Dominica News Online.

According to De Pooter, one of the group members who used to produce and sing Compa or Zouk had left Dominica for some time and hence Triple Kay could not release any of these songs.

“Now that he is back and the fans have been asking for it, so we are giving it to them,” he stated.

The band manager noted that Triple Kay has been the subject of criticism in recent times concerning certain utterances during live performances and the band is trying to keep that under control.

“I the manager of the band does not own any one of those lives, so we trying to keep that under control,” he noted. “This is not exactly what we want to send out to the public. We want to do the recorded songs and give the general public something which is more of an international standard.”

He said the band plans to release more Compa songs soon. “This is the first out of many,” he pointed out. “There are about three or four more in the studio to come out of that Compa beat. So it will not be a one off thing that you see coming from Triple Kay, it is going to be a continuous thing.”

However, De Pooter promised that the band will continue to play Bouyon since it wants to “have a repertoire that will please everybody.”

“You definitely will hear Bouyon because the majority of the Triple Kay fans right now are the younger people, the more energetic people,” he remarked. “But you will come to a Triple Kay event now and get a full repertoire of different genres.”

He said the band’s Bouyon lyrics will be much cleaner. “We’ve listened to the critics, the constructive criticisms,” De Pooter said. “And the same way we got the constructive criticism and we listened and responded and deliver, it is the same way it would be nice the people give the band members the same sort of feedback.”

The song is entitle ‘Pou yo.’

Listen to it below.

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