Natalie Clarke-Meade

Eight upcoming artistes in Dominica will receive a chance to perform at the 17th edition of the World Creole Music Festival where they just might be spotted by international talent scouts.

Events Director at the Dominica Festival Committee, Nathalie Clarke, said this initiative was brought about as a way of creating an avenue for these artistes to perform and get exposure.

“There is so much talent on this island. There are eight rising bands that were identified they are groups of young artists from 365 MMP, from Q95 groups, people who are just around in the villages and don’t get the chance to shine anywhere,” she said. “We decided this year to give them some exposure to agents who come down with the big headline artistes and persons who come looking in the island for talent.”

The artists are expected to perform during intermissions, nightly openings and at the after parties.

“Who is to say that another rising star cannot come from this region?” Clarke stated. “It is a space that we are giving to artists and bands to be found.”

She urged the artiste to make the best of the opportunity.