Well, the weekend is over and from the number of comments received, readers seemed to have had a lot of fun with our Weekend Fun feature. It was so easy really, that some of you thought it might have been a trick question but most of you got it right and some  were even able to correctly identify the person to whom those feet belong.

It is Ferdina Frampton wearing two different shoes. Just recently, she hastily grabbed a pair of what she thought were the same shoes and dashed out of her house to be on time as a judge for the QTS Quarter-final at the Arawak.

Interestingly, it was Ferdina herself, who drew the attention of the other judges to her hilariously mismatched shoes. Needless to say, they all, including Ferdina, had a good laugh over her mishap.

She’s a great girl with a good sense of humour!

Thank you for being part of Weekend Fun. We’ll be back Friday with another edition!