Normalcy is returning to Roseau after Hurricane Maria

The Environmental Health Department is eyeing the middle of December to allow food vendors to begin operating on the streets of Roseau.

Chief Environmental Health Officer, Ferdinia Carbon, stated that the department is faced with the decision regarding  street food vendors wanting to resume business in the capital.  However because of the destruction caused by Hurricane Maria, the conditions are not suitable for them to do so.

“We have seen improvements … we continue to look at ways we can get back persons to street vending,” she said on a radio program. “We have been trying to see what we can do in asking persons to commence vending without compromising the health and safety of the persons who are going to consume that food.”

She pointed out that the island’s legislation has to be looked at in the matter and is hoping that vending will recommence by mid-December.

“We are looking at two streets,” Carbon stated. “We are looking at King George the Fifth Street and Cork Street. We believe that these two streets are the areas that are in a better condition to the Bath Road end to the end at Old Street. So we are looking at that block from King George the Fifth Street to Cork Street, to come down Bath Road and go up Old Street. So we are looking at that block, to begin with.”

However, she said, there are a number of things vendors must do before they begin operating.

She noted that vendors must register with the Environmental Health Department and there must be an inspection of the vendor’s home.

“As we know in street vending, a lot of the pre-preparation begins at home,” Carbon noted. “We need to know what [are] the conditions at your home before we move forward for you.”

She stated that the department will work with others, such as the city council, to identify a suitable area for the vendors.