Henderson addressing the conference

Henderson addressing the conference

Chairman of the Small Island Developing States (SIDS) DOCK, Dr. Vince Henderson has proposed an establishment of a standing inter-ministerial committee to deal with climate change resilience.

He was addressing the closing ceremony of a three-day workshop on Sustainable Energy and Climate Change Resilience held at the State House on Wednesday.

“I proposed earlier that we established a standing inter-ministerial committee to deal with climate change resilience which can serve a multi, perhaps, purpose in the sense that it can create also an opportunity for discussing policies, whether it is the agriculture policy, the energy policy, have the benefit of the input of different ministries of government, different department of government,” he stated.

Dr. Henderson explained that even if a friend is in livestock, “he could help us with some ideas in fisheries and the experts in agriculture can have some contribution on energy so that we can all benefit from the collective knowledge of our experts within the government system, and therefore, I propose that we establish and inter-ministerial committee on climate change resilience.”

According to him, that same committee could also serve to advise on preparation especially for the hurricane season.

“So that collaboration, creating opportunities for innovation should at least bring in all the departments of government and could serve as the interface to the private sector and the non-governmental organizations,” he noted.

Meantime Dr. Henderson said at the three-day workshop held at state house has strengthened this position that Dominicans have the capacity to develop strategies needed for development.

“Clearly it seems that we have the ideas that could generate the solutions,” he said. “What we need to do is to be able to have that kind of discussion where we can place our ideas and our suggestions on the table because clearly we have what it takes. I have been making t his argument for a long time, two years ago we came here and we made the same argument when we were establishing the Caribbean centre for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and I said then that we have the ability, we have the skills, we have the expertise, our children have been trained in the same Universities around the world, they have the same abilities, but they have not gotten the opportunity, the exposure, sometimes the guidance that they need.”

He noted further, hence the reason SIDS DOCK was established as an international organization to give Dominica’s the opportunities, “so that we don’t always have to sit back and wait for experts from somewhere else, that we can build that expertise among ourselves so we can help to build our own countries, our own regions and of course making our contribution to humanity.”