Jahna McLawrence is manager of the landfill

Jahna McLawrence is manager of the landfill

The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation (DSWMC) is set to resume operations at the tire section of the Fond Cole Landfill from Thursday April 30th, following a fire on March 13.

Manager of the Sanitary Landfill, Jahna Mclawrence indicated to GIS News on Tuesday April 28th that a contingency plan has been developed to prevent incidents at the landfill and threats to public health and safety.

“The fire spread to the tire area and that caused most of the issues that we had. To try mitigating that problem so it doesn’t happen again, we have a short-term, medium-term and long-term plan and we have short-term measures already in place.”

She explained that one of the short-term measures involves, “The construction of a new cell to bury the backlog of tires. This is because since that fire, we have not been accepting tires on the landfill.”

McLawrence says the corporation has also enforced stricter measures to increase the efficiency of the sanitary landfill.

“The corporation has been working tirelessly since the fire to organize the metals, white goods and derelict vehicle area in a more orderly fashion. We have signs where you can clearly see demarcated areas. This will not be like before; we’re going to be much more organized. We will have an attendant who will be giving instructions,” she explained.

She provided further insight into the corporation’s medium-term plan.

“We’re embarking on some research into the use of tire shredders which we have for some time now. We’re going to experiment with it on the landfill itself so we can use the shredded tires for the roadway and access roads on the landfill and from those results we will see if we can use it on a broader scale and partner with the Public Works Department for its use.”

The manager noted that as part of its long-term plan, the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation is looking into the exportation of shredded tires.

The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation is also soliciting increased cooperation from the general public.

McLawrence concluded, “We would like to encourage the general public to practice recycling a s much as possible so there can be less waste coming into the landfill. It is not a dump; there is a management system and rules which the public is urged to follow. There is security, a landfill manager and an office which you can call for information.”