Concerns have been raised about user conflicts in the oceans of the world and the need for proper governance.

Acting Chief Fisheries Officer Harold Guiste made the remarks at the start of a series of region wide workshops on “Resilience in fisheries governance and social network analysis” currently underway in Dominica.

He says policies and legislation must be put in place for proper governance of the ocean and marine resources of the world.

“There are people who have interest for fishing, there those who have interest for oil exploration, for recreational purposes, research and science and some of these interests could become conflicting, hence we have user conflicts, and there is need for ocean governance,” he said.

He says small countries will be affected if they do not find ways and means to be resilient in the face of changing environment.

“There are some major players in the world that change the rules and it will have negative effects on small nations and we need to be able to be robust enough, strong enough to gain strength and resist some of the regimes that are imposing such serous rules and restrictions on us,” he added.

The workshop is being held by the Marine Resource Governance in the Eastern Caribbean Project collaborates is collaborating with the Fisheries Division.