Bernard Etinoffe. Photo credit:

Dominica will be assisting at least one Caribbean country with its water needs, as drought-like conditions continue to pose problems for some areas in the region.

St. Lucia is the latest country to request water assistance from Dominica, and General Manager of the Dominica Water and Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) Bernard Etinoffe, has disclosed that moves are already being made to assist.

“There have been requests from many of our sister islands for assistance with their water needs. The most advance to date, is St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association, and we at DOWASCO, we are hoping to assist the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association very soon, by providing approximately two million gallons of water per week, to that association,” he stated.

But domestic users will surely not be affected by the distribution of water to St. Lucia, Etinoffe assured.

“We certainly are not going to be loading a tanker in Roseau, Deep water harbour, or the cruise ship berth, during peak consumption or peak demand time …What we propose to do, is to load these tankers at nights only at the Portsmouth cruise ship berth,” he said.

The early onset of a dry season is affecting Dominica too. Banana officials have said the growth and quality of the crop are “suffering”. DOWASCO has confirmed that water levels have declined in some sources, and has been making appeals for locals to conserve, even as the country boasts an abundance of rivers.