McIntyre as he addressed the media last week

Minister of Trade, Industry, Consumer and Diaspora Affairs Colin McIntyre has emphasized the importance of Dominica and the Caribbean region positioning itself to better face the effects of climate change.

McIntyre, who spoke to the media following the Thirteenth (13th) Meeting of the Council for Foreign and Community Relations (COFCOR) meeting last week, said that though the Caribbean may not be the main contributors to climate change the region stands to be the most affected.

“In reference to climate change, this is a burning issue and the concerns of the globe and we see ourselves in the region as countries who are not major contributors in terms of greenhouse gases and the various challenges being posed on climate and the changes that are taking place… But nonetheless we are living  in a period whereby right now we are experiencing  the changes, and climate change as it’s called, even if we are not the major contributors but we stand the most to lose,” the minister said.

McIntyre mentioned some of the effects of climate change which could hinder the safety and productivity of the region.

“And I‘m talking about the rising seas on our shores here, the damage to our coast lines, the catarax in terms of sulphur, the melting of the ice cap in the north and the ill-effects on low lying areas like Dominica and other CARICOM countries,” he stated.

He reiterated the importance of positioning the region in its preparations of climate change impact, and being part of the discussions relating to climate change.

“Because while we  may not be the main contributors we stand the  most to be affected…and I think we will… continue the fight towards  climate change and getting our developed  countries to really look into cutting the emissions of carbon and greenhouse gases  and all  what it takes in terms of climate change effects,”  he said.

By DNO Correspondent