Wayne Letang, Station Officer, Fire and Ambulance Services

Station Officer responsible for the Roseau, Castle Bruce and La Plaine districts, Wayne Letang, has revealed that in excess of 7000 ambulance calls were responded to across the island last year.

He presented the data on the activities of the Fire and Ambulance Services for 2018 during a press conference held last week.

According to Letang, although the year was a challenging one, fire officers were still able to continue their hard work in rescue, fire prevention, fire safety and other activities.

“During the year we had in excess of 7000 ambulance calls responded to across the island and an approximate amount is 7284 and that would have represented a slight increase over that of 2017,” Letang stated. 

He continued, “We also had 187 fire calls responded to and those calls were statistics from all over the island which included the various stations.”

The Station Officer added that a number of activities were carried out by the Fire Prevention Unit, “and in 2018 whereas we had a slight decrease in the number of activities that we conducted in the fire prevention unit, but we saw that quite a bit of work in terms of the persons who were affected by training, that increased.”

Letang said approximately 2335 persons were trained in fire safety and first aid during 2018.

“In first aid, we had 417 persons trained and in fire safety and evacuation management, we had 1594 persons trained,” he noted.

As it relates to accident calls, Letang said that the Fire and Ambulance Services responded to 70 accident calls during the year and the Roseau Fire Station responded to 44 of those accidents.

The Fire and Ambulances Services has also started a first-aid certification which trains 4th formers in the areas of first-aid and CPR response.

“We have so far done the North East Comprehensive School, Portsmouth Secondary School, ITSS [Isaiah Thomas Secondary School] , Seventh Day Adventist Secondary and St John’s Academy,” Letang explained. 

He said this year the programme will be introduced to various schools in Roseau and also the Castle Bruce and Grandbay secondary schools.