FLOW building in Roseau

Employees of FLOW Dominica are meeting with the company’s top management this morning to discuss matters of concern to them.

General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), which represents FLOW workers, Thomas Letang, confirmed that staff was meeting with the company’s regional management to discuss “some anonymous letter that was written to them with regard to the treatment of staff at Lime [FLOW].”

He said in an interview on Q95’s Hot Seat this morning, that the DPSU felt that this would be a good time have all issues affecting FLOW staff addressed.

“So what we have asked them to do is to report for work. So they are not on strike; they have reported for work. They have entered Lime’s premises; they are at work but they are assembling in the meeting room and they will be there until 10:00 0’clock,” Letang said.

According to the DPSU boss, some issues of concern have to do with the status of the employees of the FLOW Retail Shop as part of the Collective Bargaining Unit. Letang says this matter which should have been resolved in January 2018, is still outstanding. Another issue, he says concerns the technical staff who, as members of the bargaining unit, were issued with individual contracts instead of letters of employment which the Union has recommended.

Letang maintains that the terms and conditions of the individual contracts are different from what would obtain if they were all treated as part of one collective bargaining unit.

A visit by DNO to the FLOW Retail Shop about 10:00 o’clock this morning revealed that customers were being served.

DNO will seek FLOW management on the matter.