About 50 establishments in Roseau which sell food to the public have been certified to resume operations following the passage of Hurricane Maria, Chief Environmental Health Officer Ferdinia Carbon has said.

She said on state-owned DBS Radio, that they had to meet certain requirements before they got the green light.

“We went about re-registering all food place,” she said. “In Roseau, we maybe have about 50 places that have our certificate of approval.”

She stated that establishments began operating after the hurricane and the Environmental Health Department realized they could not allow them to open in the conditions they were in.

Carbon said all places were asked to re-register with the department.

“Everybody had to do that,” she noted. “Not all the persons actually came in to re-register and for those who didn’t come, we actually went to their building. These persons who actually met the standards of environmental health, we were able to give them a certificate of approval.”

She stated that the condition of the buildings of food establishments was looked at, especially the kitchen which had to be clean. Other clean areas include the floors and walls.

The place also had to be free of rodents.

“With the condition of the environment as it was ideal conditions for proliferation of rodents,” she noted. “So we have to ensure you have nothing as rodents and cockroaches and other pests that really contaminate foods.”