Bruno believes Peters should review his statement

Bruno believes Peters should review his statement

Member of the Dominica Calypso Association, Alex Bruno, has disagreed with recent statements made by President of the Dominica State College (DSC) Dr. Donald Peters concerning the nature of Calypso on the island.

Peters had said at a recent function that this year’s Calypsos are actually bothering him since they are too local, too political and ultimately not a source of revenue.

To combat this he announced that very soon the DSC will be launching a course in Calypso writing.

But Bruno has a different view on the matter saying Calypso connects with the pulse of the people at any point in time and Dr. Peters should review his statement.

“What he could have said was in addition to the political Calypsos probably we could have couple of international songs,” Bruno stated. “That I could go with, but to say that calypso should not be as political as they are this year, I think it is a statement that needs a little revision.”

Bruno noted that although he has the utmost respect for the DSC President, “you cannot tell me in this time that Calypso should not be political.”

He stated that Calypso always tackles issues, including political ones.

“This is what calypso does,” he noted. “And anyone who feels that calypso should not hit at politicians, you are wrong.”

Meanwhile, Bruno applauded the move by Dr. Peters to launch a course in calypso writing at the DSC.

“I believe that Mr. Peters has it right and the fact that we are having the writing in the College is amazing,” he said.