A section of the sinking road in Antrim

A section of the sinking road in Antrim

It is described as a disaster waiting to happen.

The main road in a section of Antrim is sinking in what one concerned citizen said at “a rapid” rate and he is now calling on the authorities to treat the matter as one of national emergency.

“It is a cause for concern for all Dominica,” Wayne James, a resident of Sylvainia, told Dominica News Online. “I think the authorities should step up, it should be a national priority at this time.”

Antrim is located in the Springfield Valley. The road going through the area connects the west coast of the island to the east and north east and is heavily utilized by commuters from the La Plaine to Marigot.

James said the affected area is located just a stone’s throw from the DOWASCO treatment plant if one is traveling east and said the road has been sinking for some time now but it has gotten so bad recently that something must be done urgently.

“Now I think it is really, really disastrous,” he told DNO.

James pointed out that over time when the road was previously sinking, the authorities had simply dumped tarish on it, something he said is a very bad idea. “When you put tarish on the road, it adds extra weight and this causes the road to sink further,” he pointed out.

James is also concerned that there are no proper signs warning motorists of the possible dangers that lie ahead. “For the seriousness of this, there should be proper signage there warning motorists of any danger,” he said.

He noted that if the road is not repaired soon it could have implications for the island’s tourism industry. “If the tourist season was in its peak now, I can guarantee you visitors will not want travel in that area,” he said.

Dominica News Online contacted the Office of Disaster Management on the matter and Acting National Disaster Coordinator, Don Corriette, said the office is aware of the situation. However, he said he was in a meeting in Barbados and was unable to give a more thorough response.

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