Astaphan (left), Aaron

Astaphan (left), Aaron

Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan has heavily criticized one of the songs of seven times King, Dennison ‘Dice’ Joseph has released for the 2016 Calypso season.

The song entitled; “My Dominica Trade” was penned by Songwriter Pat Aaron and was released last week and since then has become a popular one on the airwaves.

“You have Pat Aaron writing another foolish song for Dice,” Astaphan lamented on Talking Point on state-owned DBS Radio on Tuesday.

According to Astaphan Dice is being shackled, imprisoned and held “in bondage by his managers and his songwriters.”

“Dice is a phenomenal talent who should be on BET (Black Entertainment Television) and who should be at the highest level of world music and not just singing the same political nonsense from Pat Aaron,” he stated.

But Aaron has shot back at Astaphan.

“Instead of just running his mouth, why don’t he step up and take Dice to the next level,” he stated. “I have taken him where I can take him so why don’t he take over from there?”

Aaron, who spoke to Dominica News Online (DNO), said Astaphan should take up from where he (Aaron) has started and take Dice to the next level.

Aaron told DNO that it seems Tony knows, “what Dice has and what Dice needs and I don’t need.”

“I mean all he does is talk,” Aaron remarked.

He added, “He (Astaphan) is the only smart person in Dominica, we know that… why is he making such a big thing from something that is foolish?”

Listen to the song below.