The letter was dispatched to Linton on Wednesday morning

The letter was dispatched to Linton on Wednesday morning

A letter demanding that leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton, retract and apologize for statements made at UWP youth rally in St. Joseph on Sunday has been dispatched to him.

The letter from the office of attorney at law, Lennox Lawrence, is expected to be served at the airport in Antigua. It is reported that Linton left Dominica for that island on Wednesday morning.

At the youth rally, Linton referred to alleged activities by ministers as rape and noted that there is no honor in a government who harbors them.

“There can be no honor in a government that harbors rapist ministers and upholds extortion of sexual services from young people seeking the facilitation of ministers to get personal development assistance from the public purse,” he said.

The letter from Lawrence, on behalf of ministers of cabinet said, “Your words meant, and were understand to mean, our clients who are Ministers of Cabinet of the government are rapists, and harbour rapists in their midst, and therefore aided and abetted and condoned the commission of the criminal offense of rape by Ministers.”

The letter said the allegations are ‘completely false and outrageous’ and was “deliberately and intentionally fabricated by you in a desperate attempt to deflect attention from an allegation of sexual harassment, which official records indicate was made by a female employee against you when you were employed at Dominica Coconut Products Limited, and score cheap political points at the expense of the youth.”

The letter also asked for $1-million in compensation from Linton.

See full letter below.

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