Shillingford said more demand must be made on leaders

Shillingford said more demands must be made on leaders

Attorney-at-Law, Cara Shillingford, has said Caribbean people are very passive in terms of what they expect from their leaders and is of the opinion that more demands must be made on them.

She said blind allegiance to party is crippling the country, discrimination against political colors is creating a lackadaisical society and the acceptance of bribes is negatively affecting the development of the country and its citizens.

She wants the populace to demand more from leaders and make those at fault face the consequences.

“In my opinion, sadly in the Caribbean, the notion of good governance is almost a foreign concept. We do not expect it from our leaders and we do not demand it. This generation, in my opinion again, can safely be described as a very passive generation in terms of what we tolerate from our leaders,” she said during a panel discussion organized by the Citizen’s Forum on Good Governance at the Garraway Hotel.

Her topic was “Principles of Good Governance.”

According to Shillingford, we allow our leaders to “get away with murder” and as such we in the region are “drowning in a sea of hopelessness as it relates to politics.”

She is hopeful that engagements, like the panel discussion, could “perhaps help persons to realize that good governance is possible.”

“It is a possibility,” Shillingford noted, adding that transparency, responsibility, accountability, participation and responsiveness are some key attributes to good governance.

She also argued that citizens should not only make demands on political leaders but all those who are in public office.

“We have in this country a big problem of discrimination on the basis of political opinion,” she opined, stating that everybody must be treated on the same level or a laid back society is created.

“The reason for that is when you start to discriminate against persons and you judge persons not on the basis of merit, but on the basis of political opinion, you are going to create a very lackadaisical society,” Shillingford said.