Residents of Barbuda line up to be evacuated last week. Photo: Antigua Observer

A number of Barbudans have gone into hiding in order to avoid being evacuated from the island.

They are now being told to come out of their hiding place.

A mandatory evacuation was ordered but police say approximately 15 people hid from the authorities.

Police spokesman Frankie Thomas reported that these persons defied the authorities and hid in secluded areas on the island in order to avoid evacuation.

The 43 military personnel who are now on Barbuda were unable to find the residents who they say need to be safely assisted off the island.

The police are saying that this matter is very serious and a breach of The Emergency Powers Act of Antigua and Barbuda.

Barbuda was hit hard by Hurricane Irma and is said to be uninhabitable because of the lack of proper running water, electricity and any form of communication.

Thomas says evacuation is critical to guard against any major health issues and injuries that would normally be associated with the aftermath of such a devastating hurricane.

Meantime, hundreds of Barbudians are currently stationed in various parts of Antigua. Some are housed at the Multipurpose Cultural Center, Sir Vivian Richards Stadium and the National Technical Training Center.

Some of them are at private homes.