Dominicans who are expecting to receive barrels from relatives overseas this Christmas will pay only $10 when they are collected at the port as the government continues its traditional Christmas barrel initiative.

However, Executive Director of the Dominica Airport and Sea Port Authority (DASPA), Benoit Bardouille, said they should be for personal use only and not for commercial use.

The period took effect from December 1st 2016 and will run until January 10th 2017.

“First and foremost there is a household limit, each household in Dominica shall be entitled to, during the implementation period a maximum of two barrels, boxes or crates or cartons or equivalent size to a regular barrel will also be eligible,” he said. “The definition of the barrel shall mean basically non-commercial packages received… such as boxes, barrels, crates and up to upper limit of $1,500 on the value of these items will qualify for concession.”

He went on to say that the recipient of the barrels will be required to pay a flat service charge of EC$10, “for handling and storage of the barrel.”

“Persons clearing a barrel which was imported between December 1st 2016,to January 10th 2017, will pay EC$10 as a recipient of that concession…,” he explained. “The recipient also shall be exempt from import duty and custom service charge on the eligible barrels.”