Georges wants more knowledge of Black History

Black History activist and enthusiast, Franklyn Georges, has stated that it is necessary to have increased knowledge of Black History through the “re-educating of our children.”

Speaking at a ceremony to launch the observation of Black History Month on Wednesday morning at the Roseau Public Library, Georges said he is pleased that Dominica continues to uphold the values of Black History.

“It is a great pleasure after all these years to see Black History is taking roots in Dominica, because without the roots all trees would die,” he said.

Georges encouraged Dominicans to “take a step back and do what you have to do,” when it comes to retrieving history that pertains to blacks, and to do so through the children.

“Citizens, Countrymen, Dominicans, I ask, please let us start re-educating our children. We educate them, when they’re finished the first thing they want to do is fly away. Let us give them some sense of staying home, building and doing what they are doing,” Georges remarked.

He said to those gathered that his family has made the decision to assist students through scholarships under the condition that an essay must be written once a year about Black History.

Georges explained that the conditions of the scholarships pave the way for students to be engaged and become knowledgeable in their Black History.

“If I could get one to do it, imagine here. Give a child a scholarship and give them the same skills and donations together. Imagine we are not teaching Black History at schools, or in the community or anywhere…” he said.

He reiterated that the children must be the main target in keeping the existence of Black history and its commemoration alive and well.

“Parents, educators, activists, please let us recapture, reclaim, rebuild. Let us do that with our children because, without the history, there is no roots,” he remarked.

He called for a recapturing and empowering of the children and giving them “something meaningful that they need, have to hold, and must carry on.”

The theme for the celebration of Black History Month 2017 is “Liberty Lost, Freedom Won.”

Activities for the day included a ceremony and a book exhibition showing various black writers, which brought the event to an end.