Scene in Salisbury on Monday morning

Minister for National Security, Rayburn Blackmoore, has condemned events which erupted in Salisbury on Monday saying this is the type of image the United Workers Party (UWP) wants to portray on social media.

On Monday morning the main road in Salisbury was blocked with debris and fire. Stones and bottles were also thrown. No one has spoken about what is the cause the problem. The road has since been unblocked.

Blackmoore said the event “cannot be accepted as the norm in this beautiful country,” and it must be stopped.

“It has to stop, period, it has to stop,” he stated.

According to him, this is the type of image the UWP wants to portray on social media because the party is rejecting proposed amendments of the Election Amendment Bill and has been calling on Dominicans to go down to the Parliament building and let it be known that the people are not accepting them.

“I want to say further, that is the type of image that the United Workers Party and its operatives who want to see it posted on social media for all to see,” he said on State-owned DBS radio. “The United Workers Party and its operatives to have been calling on people in the recent past to prevent the upcoming seating of parliament that is carded for tomorrow the twenty-third day of May 2017 over certain things they have been asking for; electoral reform, more so Section 57b of the proposed House of Assembly Election Amendment Bill. The entire Bill is posted on the Government website for all to see.”

Blackmoore noted that there is irony in the fact that the same section of the bill that the UWP is concerned over, is what the opposition is not in itself doing, which is, going out and providing information for clarity purposes.

“The ironic thing, I must say, that section that they have a beef with, seeks to give clarity and broaden the definition of the offense of bribery in so far as the transportation and participation of electors to and within Dominica is concerned,” he stated.

According to Blackmoore, the UWP is behaving irresponsibly in not highlighting the proposed amendments in its fullest form.

“I have not heard persons within the Workers Party behaving in a responsible manner and to go out to the public and to actually educate the public about the full extent of this proposed amendment,” he remarked.

The UWP has been hosting a series of town hall meeting discussing the amendments.