A scene in Petite Savanne two years after Erika

Minister of Justice, Immigration and National Security Rayburn Blackmoore has warned residents of Petite Savanne who may be reconsidering moving back to that community to consider their safety.

The community was severely affected by Tropical Storm Erika August 27, 2015 and residents had to be evacuated from that community which was deemed unsafe.

“I believe that it is not healthy, it is not wise that if a place is vulnerable and of course if a place is declared as a disaster area and efforts are being made by the state to provide for you in terms of housing and in terms of other services, I think the wise thing to do is to work with the state because it is all about your welfare and your safety,” he said.

He stated that the safety of the residents is paramount.

“I believe your safety first starts with your ability to recognize that you have a responsibility to keep yourself safe,” he stated.