Alix Boyd Knights. *Sean Douglas photo

Alix Boyd Knights has reasons to celebrate after becoming the longest serving Speaker of the House of Assembly on April 17.

Under widespread criticisms from the then Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) and a cross section of the public, Boyd Knights has served in that position for 10 years now.

The attorney-at-law told a special interview with Government’s Press Secretary Sean Douglas, that when the idea of being House speaker was proposed to her, she did not take it seriously.

But she said the night of her daughters 21st birthday the late Prime Minister Roosie Douglas made the announcement, even before it was officially discussed with her.

“The rest is history,” she said.

“Since I had never put my mind to becoming speaker, I wasn’t aware of many things … it was quite an experience for me,” she said.

Meantime several no confidence motions have been moved against the Speaker of the House.

The Opposition has made several claims that the Speaker has brought the House into disrepute, stating that she is biased.

But Boyd Knights said their claims had no substance.

“Mans perception is his reality and our perceptions are based on how we feel and how we wished things to be. The reason why I was targeted by the United Workers Party is because it was felt that I was the reason why they were in Opposition,” she added.

When Parliament met for the first time since the December 18, 2009 general elections, Boyd Knights was sworn-in for her third consecutive term.

– DNO Correspondent