Letang said he is unmoved by the incident

General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU), Thomas Letang, woke up to a huge surprise on Thursday morning when he realized that all four tires of his vehicle were punctured.

He said that the vehicle was parked in his yard all night.

“So when I got up this morning, I went and my vehicle was parked right in my yard, not even on the road, all four tires were punctured, all four of them,” he said on Q95’s “The Hot Seat.”

The DPSU is holding a solidarity meeting on Thursday to discuss matters affecting public servants. Letang has already made it clear that a wage freeze offered by the government for public servants will be addressed and that DPSU will not accept it.

He said he is unmoved by the incident since his life has been threatened in the past.

“I just laughed,” he stated. “This is not going to deter me. I am not surprised because I expected that after people have been attacking you verbally .”

Letang stated that there are rumors going around that he had announced Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, would be addressing the rally.

He stated the rumors are not true.

“We have been saying over and over that that our feature address would be given by John Alexis our former president,” he stated.

Letang claimed there is a move to prevent people from attending the rally and detractors have decided to get to him personally.

“I am more than ever willing to stand up,” he said. “If it means, and I am saying it loud to the general public, if it means that my life has to be sacrificed working to better the lives of public officers and other working people in this country, I am prepared to lose it.”

He noted that people can do whatever they want and he again repeated that he will not be deterred.

“I am standing for my children, I am standing for my children’s children, I am standing for generations to come,” he stated.

Letang described the perpetrators of the act as cowards and he had a message for them.

“I want to say to those cowards that I am not afraid…” he noted.