Ongoing construction at the site

Project Manager of NSG Management and Technical Services, Ltd (NSG) in Dominica, Ritch Errington, has promised that a Bailey bridge being built in Castle Comfort will be operational within the next few days.

The bridge will be replacing a culvert which was compromised by Hurricane Maria.

“So what we’ve done is taking it out and we are widening the river itself, adding new walls to the sides, reinforcement, and we are adding a new two-lane reinforced bridge that will make traffic flow freely and more importantly when the water comes down it will flow right through instead of over the bridge,” Errington said on Kairi FM.

Normally the river that flows through the area, known locally as Larivyè Kanawi, is a small stream but during the passage of Maria, it turned into a raging monster of water and tons of debris.

“The thing with heavy storms is that the little creeks turn into raging rivers and the problem is the trees and other debris,” Errington said, adding that NSG’s goal is to build bridges which are bigger and wider so water can flow freely.

NSG has already built a Bailey bridge in Fond Baron and the one in Castle Comfort is the second one of nine more to come, Errington stated.

“So we are on our way around the country building bridges,” he said.

He explained that although Bailey bridges are normally called temporary bridges, they are good for up to 40 years.

“I call them a permanent structure,” he remarked. “It is certainly not as permanent as the West Bridge (NSG was the main contractor for that bridge in Roseau) with all the concrete and steel but this is certainly permanent, I would say for the next 30 to 40 years.”

He noted that the bridge will be in action within the next few days.

“People ask if it is going to be a few weeks, no, it is going to be a few days,” Errington said.

Debris dumped in the area during Hurricane Maria