Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has announced that the 2017/2018 Budget will be delivered July 27th and the focus will be on the human aspect of Dominica’s development.

He made the announcement while addressing a Town Hall meeting held in Bagatelle on Sunday night.

“The 27th of July will be the Budget day in Dominica and I can tell you why I am very excited about this year’s Budget, because it will be addressing a number of critical issues,” he said.

Skerrit mentioned further stated that one of the areas that will be critical to the country is the training of teachers and parents in how to provide for the children with special needs in Dominica.

“So we will be working on this and this for me will be one of the highlights of the Budget,” Skerrit said. “Because the Budget, yes we can talk about roads and bridges, but we must also focus on the human aspect of development in our country and there will be a focus on that in this year’s Budget.”

He continued, “There are many children in Dominica with special needs and who are not at school, because the schools are not catering for them and parents have to stay home to take care of their children, because they cannot go to school,” he noted.

Meantime, Prime Minister Skerrit said his cabinet met with a number of stakeholders and is committing in the Budget some $15-million for the manufacturers.

“Last year we gave the hoteliers $15 million, we gave the farmers $10 million, this year we are putting $15 million for the manufacturers,” he stated. “We will also be putting additional money for small business development, entrepreneurship to build a culture of entrepreneurship in Dominica. We will also be putting an additional amount for training and we will be targeting a number of areas in our country.”