Dominica was severely damaged by Maria and McKenzie said the people must understand the concept of Building Back Better

President of the Dominica Builders Forum, Savarin McKenzie, has said the oft-used phrase, “Building Back Better,” after Tropical Storm Erika and Hurricane Maria should not only be cliché or something popular with no meaning.

According to the dictionary, a cliché is a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought.

“We recognize that we have to build back better but we also have to recognize that building back better cannot only be cliché or a popular phrase with no meaning,” McKenzie said at a housing and construction symposium on Wednesday morning.

He stated that building back better is the responsibility of every Dominican.

“It can only become a reality if and when the population understands and is educated about the concept of building back better,” he noted.

McKenzie said the same goes for another phrase that has been used frequently after the passage of Maria, that is making Dominica the first climate resilient country in the world.

“Persons have to understand what this means and this can only be achieved with an informed and educated population who understands their role and the meaning of resilience,” he remarked.

He noted that as the nature island, Dominica is like no other country when it comes to its vulnerability to natural hazards.

“Blessed with many rivers and an abundance of water, Erika and Maria have proven to us that it is the water that we cherish so much that poses a real threat to our many communities,” McKenzie said.

He stated that the next hurricane season is mere months away and a lot of work must be done.

“The 2018 Hurricane Season is just over four months away, there is a lot of work to be done, not only in preparation for the season but in taking the necessary action to restore our lives,” McKenzie said.