Henderson is a legend in the Cadence genre

Henderson is a legend in the Cadence genre

Cadence legend, Gordon Henderson, has said the Cadence Lypso is alive and well and has highlighted the vibrancy of the musical genre.

Henderson is presently in Dominica where he will be featured at the NCCU Cadence Lypso Competition at the Pottersville Savannah on Wednesday.

“In the Creole world, Cadence-lypso is well and alive. The Creole language is the second most spoken language in the Caribbean. The Cadence-lypso market out there is vibrant,” he said at a press conference for the competition on Monday.

He called on the public to help bridge the gap between Cadence Lypso and Creole music.

He went on to propose suggestions to accomplish this mission. He made mention of Grammies being awarded to different genres of music, for example, Reggae, and suggested one could be given in the Cadence-lypso genre.

“We can do what is necessary to have a Grammy award in Cadence-lypso as well,” he stated.

He also recommended making every effort to inscribe Cadence Lypso on the United Nation Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) cultural heritage list.

Henderson said he has discussed with many people who are aware of the criteria for being on the list and has concluded that the Cadence Lypso music has fulfilled the requirements.

He believes that not only will the Cadence-lypso artists be given an advantage but Dominica on a whole will see some benefit from this recognition.