Alexander is outgoing Chairperson of Lifeline Ministries

Alexander is outgoing Chairperson of NGO Coalition

The new executive of the NGO Coalition for the Protection of Children and Youth is calling on the government to use equipment that is already available to help in cases of child abuse.

Tina Alexander, of Lifeline Ministries, said at a press conference this week that the Coalition is looking forward to changes in the court system.

“We call upon government to use the equipment they already have,” she stated. “They have cameras, they are not being used, they have the law that says you can use cameras for vulnerable witnesses and the vulnerable witnesses are still in the witness box.”

She added, “So there is real evidence that sometimes when everything is in place, still the political will is lacking.”

Alexander called on the authorities to make the make right choices “and see through, the process of prosecution.”

Currently, she said, the prosecution process is extremely long and full of adjournments.

“It is unpleasant…and the witness can end up feeling like they were the offender and we are looking forward to seeing changes,” she said.

Alexander stated also that the executive of the Coalition is looking forward to meeting with government ministers privately and publicly to encourage them to take their responsibilities seriously.

“Not only change the law, change the way that the process of the law is operating now and to provide sufficient resources to the courts and to the welfare division so they can do the job that they are already committed to doing,” she pointed out.

Meantime, she encouraged parents to put their children’s needs first before everything else.

“That is part of the reason why Lifeline has a victim support scheme to try to help, not only the victim but also their families,” Alexander stated.

Recently there have been a series of child sexual abuse cases in the courts.