Lauture warned about building in areas prone to flooding

President of the Dominica Association of Architects, Claude Lauture, has called on the government and the Planning Division to prevent construction in areas that are prone to disasters.

He pointed out that Dominica is vulnerable to multiple disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and landslides, among others, and there is construction in areas such as hillsides, close to precipes and flood zones.

He gave the example of what happened in Checkhall Valley.

“The river was dredged because of what happened with (Tropical Storm) Erika and with (Hurricane) Maria the river got back to where it was before Erika, and even more, and destroyed more houses in that community,” he stated last week.

Lauture reported that some concrete retaining walls were built but they all fell because of the power of the water and  t the natural tendency of the river to reclaim its bed.

“So, therefore, Planning Division should make sure that no buildings should be allowed to be built in such zones because it is high risk as it can destroy a lot of lives,” he concluded.