Janae Jackson performing during the Calypso season earlier this year

Calypsonians in Dominica are getting ready to compete in the biggest event for the Carnival Season, ‘the Calypso Competition,’ which kicks off on January 7, 2017 with eliminations at the Harlem Plaza.

Executive Secretary of the Dominica Calypso Association, Daryl Bobb, has urged competitors to register early since the cost is expected to increase from $20 to $50 after December 19.

“Registration is only $20, so what we have done is that we have decided to put the registration fee up $50 from December 19, so up to the 19th you can register for $20,” he explained.

He said this was done in efforts to curb the length of the elimination phase of the competition, since it is the longest show of the Calypso Season. 

“What we have done to curb the length of the show – because of the amount of people coming in to perform in calypso, over the last few years we have up to nearly 80 people – to keep that figure down, the price will increase after a period of time,” Bobb explained.

He added, “Usually we would have registration even on the night of the eliminations, which is not very professional but eliminations is an event that is a very free up type of environment, it doesn’t really call for that type of environment…,” he stated.

Hence, these measures, he said, were put in place.

Entry fee for elimination night is $10, while VI P entry is $20.

Show is scheduled to begin anytime between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

Bobb further revealed that the Calypso Finals is carded for February 25th 2017.

“So you could date back two weeks before finals then two weeks before that as to the quarter-finals,” he revealed.

Meantime, the Dominica Calypso Association held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Dominica Calypso House in Bath Estate on Saturday.

The primary purpose of the meeting was to ensure that financials are read and the president’s report is received followed by new elections for new officers if necessary.

Bobb explained that there were concerns that were expressed and prior to the meeting sponsors figured that it was a dangerous time to have an AGM, “because of the chances of officers being changed at such a time when we already have the ball rolling in preparation for Carnival.”

“It was not a very good time but however an AGM is very important, and according to the constitution, an AGM has to be held every year,” he added.

He noted that the association didn’t want to go into another season without an AGM.

“Some members realized the danger in having it and somebody moved a motion that the current executive remains,” he said.

Bobb said following a vote by show of hands the membership decided that the current executive should stay on.

“By a vote about 27 to about 5 the membership decided that the current executive should stay on,” he revealed.“The executive gave a very good account of themselves, they presented their reports very professionally and I think the membership recognizes that and decided that unanimously the current executive should stay on.”

Bobb said in moving forward the association decides to have elections very early after the Calypso Season, “so that the people who felt that there was supposed to be a traditional election, then we could satisfy their desire and have an election immediately after our financials are prepared after the Carnival season.”

Constitutionally the Dominica Calypso Association’s election is due in June.