The building that housed the Wisdom to Know rehab program

More than four months after Hurricane Maria struck, the building that housed local drug rehabilitation efforts stands desolate and abandoned, after having been heavily damaged by the Category 5 hurricane.

Back in 2012, Wisdom to Know, was boasting success stories of young men being able to turn their lives around after being hooked on alcohol, narcotics and other drugs, including Alleyne ‘Atlick’ Louis and Roy ‘Taggy’ Clifton.

They were at the time being housed at the scout building on High Street, where Scout Master, Bonti “Ace” Liverpool was essentially running a one-man rehab operation.

Liverpool, a self-confess drug addict who was able to throw the monkey off his back, felt he owed it to the addicts to help them rid themselves of their life-changing drug addiction.

A visit by DNO on Thursday, February 8, revealed a shell of a building with evidence that it had been occupied but there was no one around to explain the demise of the program and whether it could be put squarely at the foot of Maria.

One individual who contacted DNO said he was trying to keep the program going in the absence of Liverpool. He could not say whether the former director had abandoned the rehab program in despair or was seeking solace elsewhere.

There are so many people and communities needing help post-Maria that the rehabilitation housing needs of the scout building and the revamping of the efforts to treat the five drug addicts said to currently be associated with the program could easily fall through the cracks.

It may be time for the government to lend a hand.