The President and the new Ambassador. Photo: GIS

The President and the new Ambassador. Photo: GIS

President of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Savarin, last week welcomed the new High Commissioner of Canada to the Commonwealth Of Dominica, Her Excellency Marie Legault.

For the past 38 years Canada has provided economic and technical support to the growth and development of Dominica and this new High Commissioner has pledged to provide even further support.

At the presentation of credentials, His Excellency the President remarked that Canada holds a special place in Dominica’s relations with member states of the Americas.

“Dominica has benefitted and continues to benefit from technical and financial assistance offered by your government through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) in the areas of health, education, agriculture, human resource development and local government development,” he said.

Her Excellency Marie Legault told the Head of State that the Commonwealth of Dominica and Canada have a long standing history of shared cultural links, commercial exchanges and people to people ties.

Just last year over 3,000 Canadians visited Dominica and the numbers keep increasing.

The High Commissioner spoke of the common values that unite the two countries.

“We are both committed democratic systems, respect human rights and we both value organizations in which we share memberships …both of our nations have indigenous populations and we value this diversity as it contributes to our culture and strengthens our countries,” she said.

H.E. President Savarin made reference to the threat of natural disasters posed by the challenges of climate change. However, Her Excellency Legault pledged Canada’s readiness support Dominica’s efforts to respond to that threat.

“Canada provided CAN$220,000 in assistance following Tropical Storm Erika which took place over a year ago and similarly provided CAN$1m in support following the December 2000 flood event. Heavy rains and unpredictable storms can have a devastating impact on infrastructure and on the people of Dominica. Canada is committed to working with the governments in the Eastern Caribbean towards strengthening resilience.”

Dominica established diplomatic relations with Canada in 1978, when Dominica gained its independence.