CariMAN logoCariMAN is perturbed by the escalation of child abuse in Dominica and even more disturbed with the very lenient sentencing being given to sex offenders.

CariMAN strongly condemns all forms of gender and sexual violence against everyone.

As an all-male Organization, CariMAN continues to be a voice for everyone whose rights are violated, abused, oppressed, discriminated against and disrespected for the Organization believes in allowing everyone to reach their fullest potential.

CariMAN will continue to champion the rights and protection of the child.

CariMAN is calling out to the policy makers, lawmakers and the relevant authorities to review the judicial system, particularly with reference to laws pertaining to child protection and security.

Too many of our vulnerable girls and women suffer physical and sexual abuse perpetrated by unscrupulous men who destroy our children emotionally, psychologically and physically and show no remorse and regrettably the Court System sanction them with ridiculously lenient sentences that allow them to continue to be a menace to our boys and girls.

We are encouraging more strident and harsher sentencing and punishment for the sex offenders who are destroying the lives of these children and impeding the growth of families. Further, we are asking for a Sexual Offences Registry so that the molesters will not hide and our children will be protected.

Cariman will support the victims and their families. In addition we will soon be reaching out to the general public asking them to join us in this fight against such heinous crimes against our innocent and vulnerable children.

Let us come together and unite and demonstrate to the judicial system, lawmakers and the deceitful sex offenders that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We will be silent NO MORE. Come stand up for our children and families.