Piper said there were some unforeseen circumstances

Piper said there were some unforeseen circumstances

Chairman of the Dominica Festivals Committee (DFC), Colin Piper, has said all Carnival activities were implemented and executed as planned.

Piper said, however, a number of unforeseen circumstances had popped up but this was not due to the lack of planning.

“We staged the first pageantry weekend and so we will have a review where we can take on board the positives and negatives,” he said.

Piper revealed that there were no complaints in regards to moving the Miss Dominica pageant up one week.

“I spoke to the Queen Show committee who was happy with the staging of the show a week before Carnival which gave them a chance to enjoy their Carnival,” Piper said. “What we have to do is look at gate receipts, look at the impact of the pageantry weekend and see if it is in fact doing what we thought it would.”

He said at least 1,300 patrons attended the first ever Bouyon Festival staged at the Windsor Park Stadium on February 13th.

“We were hoping for a bit more on a revenue perspective, but certainly I believe that the bands put on a good showing and the patrons who were there truly enjoyed the show,” Piper stated. “What we need to do is just continue to plan far enough in advance and determine whether that is going to become a performance with guest artistes or whether it is going to be become a competition.”

Piper said in terms of organizational challenges, “we still have an issue with tardiness.”

“When we would like to have the (Carnival) parade start at 10:00 am and people don’t show up at 10:00 am, it is very difficult to start the parade with very few groups or troops,” he said. “And so these are some of the things we continue to press upon the organizers and some of the groups, to be on time.”

The Carnival season in Dominica ended earlier this week.