Daniel want information of the support program. File photo

Minister of Social Services, Family and Gender Affairs, Catherine Daniel is calling on Dominica Labour Party (DLP) supporters to provide the government with information on its public support program.

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Roseau last week, she said the government is aware that there are people who are still receiving assistance for their children under the program but these children are now adults and are employed.

“Some of the things that we are seeing, as I came in as minister that there are some people who have had children receiving foster care, and these children are big children, 21. 28, working and these people are still receiving the foster care,” she revealed. “As a family of labour, these are some of the things you can help us do. You can help us if you know this is happening because as you know our resources are challenged.”

A number of public support programs exist on the island, including the Yes We Care Program and the Foster Care Program to name a few.

In Roseau Central, there are 56 people in the Yes We Care Program, while in Foster Care there are about 30.

Government has spent over $116,000 on these programs. About $108, 000 went to the public assistance and about $8,600 to Foster Care

Daniel said if it wasn’t for the Citizenship By Investment (CBI) Program the country wouldn’t be where it is today in terms of these programs “and so we solicit your help in rectifying some problems.”

“If you know of people who are receiving these monies who should not be receiving them, come to the office of Social Services and talk to us, we will do the investigation, we won’t just take them up, but we will do the investigation,” Daniel stated.

She said these programs were created with no ‘colour coding’ and it hurts when the opposition and others blast the government over them.

Daniel also said that her ministry is responsible for village councils and the Roseau City Council.

“Most of the councils receive a subvention and this is a one-time thing for the year,” she stated. “For the Roseau City Council, they are really challenged and often times they have to be helped, but from the Citizenship By Investment Program.”

She said the Roseau City Council receives $22,390 monthly from the government “and this can only help them with their salaries, not to do anything much.”

She appealed to citizens to pay their taxes.

“But I also say to the Roseau City Council, if people have to pay, you have to show them what you are doing,” she added. “They have to see that you are giving them the services and then they will be willing to pay.

Daniel said government is there to help and to make the country better and, “so we give the subventions, we assist otherwise when they are financially challenged.”