Minister for Community Development and Gender Affairs Gloria Shillingford has assured that child sexual abuse will not be tolerated here.

Speaking at the 23rd Annual General Meeting of the National Council of Women recently, Shillingford said that it is also wrong for mothers to collate with these perpetrators.

“It appears that we need to ask ourselves again and again, whether our families are succeeding in being the main protector of our children. I ask this question because we are experiencing in Dominica an increase in abuse against our children, specifically sexual abuse. I know you are aware of the recent study on child sexual abuse in the eastern Caribbean commissioned by UNICEF…” she stated.

“I am taking every opportunity to speak out about this study. Because it is important that we convey a very strong message to the perpetrators of abuse, that violation of our children is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We need to admonish parents particularly mothers that coalitions with the perpetrators of abuse is equally wrong,” the minister said.