The check was presented on Friday morning

The check was presented on Friday morning

A student affected or infected by the HIV/AIDS is to benefit from a $3,000 scholarship from the CIBC First Caribbean International Bank.

On Friday morning the bank made a special presentation to the National HIV Response Unit as part of their ongoing partnership with the organization.

Business Support Officer for the bank, Rhona Lawrence, said that the donation is made annually for the past five years.

“First Caribbean has as part of its policy to be seen in the community and this is one of the best ways that we can be present in the community not only helping people that are healthy but even those who are not as fit as others,” she said.

According to her, the bank intends to continue to make such donations in an attempt to honor its partnership with the HIV Response Unit.

“Knowing how much that HIV/AIDS is affecting the community we could only imagine that this is simply a small dip in the bucket. This is geared specifically towards students and although it is small what they use it to do is very significant,” she said.

Jennifer Joseph of National HIV Response Unit expressed sincere gratitude for the donation.