The Marigot Hospital was shut down due to mold and fungus

Health Minister, Kenneth Darroux has given the assurance that works on a new hospital in Marigot could begin within the next month or two.

He was speaking at a town hall meeting in Wesley on Wednesday evening.

“Within next month, the next two months, we should see works starting on your Marigot, new Marigot Hospital, rest assured,” he stated.

Darroux said that in the budget estimates for 2016-2017, there was $5-million from British funds implemented by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) for upgrading health facilities around the island, specifically Marigot, La Plaine and Grand Bay.

“Now that we are going to build a new facility, that is the Marigot Hospital, we are now asking PAHO that seeing we are going to build a new Marigot Hospital whatever money that would have been allocated towards upgrading the old facility, can we please use the money to now put what we call solar powering, renewable energy, to make it what we call self-containing, especially post disasters,” he stated. “We know Dominica is a very vulnerable country.”

He stated that new Marigot Hospital has been chosen for spending well in excess of $2-million for renewable energy.

Just recently the Government of Dominica announced that the Government of Mexico was committing US$5 million (EC$13.5 million) for the construction of the Marigot Hospital.

The hospital was first shut down in 2014 due to a severe termite infestation.

Authorities were again forced to close the facility in 2016 due to mold and fungus infestation.